Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the management of the assets of an enterprise across departments, facilities, business units and geographical locations. EAM integrates techniques for holistic control and optimization throughout asset life cycles, including design, commissioning, operations and replacement. The EAM framework optimizes and extends asset life cycles and reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) while maximizing Overall Asset Productivity (OAP) and Return on Assets (ROA), which is key for manufacturing and similar industries with high-value equipment. (Techopedia)

According to G2, Best Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software, EAM software enables businesses across multiple industries to view, manage, and analyze physical assets. The goal of EAM software is to control and measure asset performance, allowing for the optimization of workflow practices, maintenance costs, and asset productivity. Spanning across several industries, EAM tools have a similar functionality to products in Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) category. EAM also includes lifecycle planning tools, workflow analysis, multiple predictive maintenance methods, and advanced metrics to determine an asset’s future state and continued reliability. EAM software shares many similarities with CMMS software, including the ability to work alongside enterprise resource management ERP systems. Where EAM tools help determine and improve asset performance, ERP systems can integrate multiple modules and applications into a single database. All asset activity and financial information tracked by EAM software can be seamlessly integrated into the database provided by an ERP system. Several factors can be considered:

      • Perform all the functions of CMMS tools
      • Include multiple, sophisticated maintenance methods
      • Have asset lifecycle management capabilities
      • Provide workflow analysis and analytics

G2 lists the top 6 as follow:

      1. MVP Plant
      2. IBM Maximo
      3. Maintenance Connection
      4. eMaint CMMS
      5. Infor CloudSuite EAM
      6. SAP EAM

SelectHub lists the Top 10 Enterprise Asset Management Software Comparison as follow:

      1. IFS EAM
      2. Infor EAM / Infor CMMS
      3. IBM Maximo
      4. SAP EAM
      5. Dude Solutions Asset Essentials
      6. Oracle EAM
      7. AVEVA
      8. AssetWorks
      9. TABWARE
      10. ManageEngine Asset Explorer

Software Advice has 110 applications and companies listed that fall under EAM Software to include eMaint, UpKeep, Fiix, Asset Essentials, Maintenance Connection, FTMaintenance, and MPulse to mention a few. Capterra has 60 listed under EAM Software to include Limble CMMS, Tenna (construction technology platform), Maxpanda Enterprise Asset Management, The Asset Guardian (TAG), Ramco EAM Software, and TAZA VOX to mention a few.

Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software package designed to maintain a computer database for an organization’s maintenance operations and human resources functions. This data is intended to help the effectiveness of maintenance workers, the quality of management decisions and the verification of regulatory compliance. CMMS software packages are nearly the same as computer aided facility management packages, which are also called facility management software. This term is also known as EAM and Computerized Maintenance Management Information System (CMMIS). (Techopedia)

Which is a better solution: CMMS vs EAM, the answer it depends. The differences between computerized maintenance management software and enterprise asset management software vary from system to system, and they are also blurring as both become more advanced. A selection will need to be based on need and forecasted budget.

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